Every pest problem is an urgent problem, but bed bugs are in a class by themselves. Loss of use ... Loss of goodwill ... Loss of revenue
For Guaranteed bed bug eradication, it's time for Hydrex. Call Hydrex now at 1-888-229-9677. Unsurpassed value and reliability for over 60 years.

Bed bug habits and biology add up to a very tough pest problem ... Both adults and immature nymphs come out at night for a blood meal. Adult bed bugs are oval, wingless, about 1/5" long, and rusty red or mahogany. Female bed bugs lay 200-500 tiny white eggs in batches of 10-50 on rough surfaces such as wood or paper. Gluelike materials cover the eggs, which hatch in about 10 days. Bed bugs hide during the day in seams of mattresses and box springs, cracks of bed frames, under loose wallpaper, behind picture frames and inside furniture and upholstery. People are often not aware they have been bitten until afterwards. However, saliva injected during the feeding can later produce large swellings that itch and may become infected. Bed bugs leave fecal spots on sheets and at their hiding places.

Every bed bug infestation is different and must be individually evaluated. To focus our technical expertise to solve your particular problem, at no obligation a Hydrex Representative with comprehensive knowledge of successful bed bug eradication will conduct a thorough inspection and prepare a written Plan of Action to ensure results ... Guaranteed!

Treatment Method

A Proven Chemical-Free Green Alternative to
Eradicate Bed Bugs – Guaranteed!

Heat utilizes award-winning Thermal Pest Eradication, a patented process approved by the state and federal regulatory agencies for the
eradication of bed bugs.

Hydrex Heat is the future of pest control today

  1. Environmentally-Friendly, Clean, 100% effective in any space.
  2. The only non-chemical method approved to treat entire structures.
  3. Versatile in many settings: single family homes, apartments, condominiums, medical & care facilities, offices and industrial

Why consumers prefer Heat over fumigation:

No chemicals • No moving out • No odor • No roof damage
harm to pets or plants • No Bagging of Food and Medicine

How Heat works:

Heat is an award-winning proven chemical-free technology that utilizes clean, dry and odorless Heat to create an environment that is lethal to bed bugs and their eggs. 100% effective, Heat penetrates into cracks and crevices, does not spread the infestation, takes no more than 8 hours, minimizing disruption, plus Heat ambient air treatment improves air quality in the areas treated. If required to achieve the best result, Hydrex may combine specifically selected pesticides with the Heat treatment.

Hydrex Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

Environmentally sensitive Hydrex IPM applies an in-depth knowledge of target pests to a decision-making strategy combining these practices:

A. Regular inspection and monitoring, recording and reporting, and communication.

B. Preventative activities concerned with conditions that contribute to pest infestations: pest entry, harborage and sources of food and water.

C. When pest control is needed, the highly targeted use of mechanical, non-chemical and Green alternatives.

D. Ongoing communication concerning Pest Management strategies.

E. All work is performed in strict compliance with every applicable standard, practice and regulation.