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Commercial, Industrial and Institutional Services

When pests are encountered in the workplace, customers lose confidence, employees lose concentration on productive work, and production and inventory economies are jeopardized. With industrial buildings, they become an urgent problem, an interruption of productive work and a risk to production and warehousing economies. Due to the size and complexity of industrial buildings and facilities, the enormous capacity of insect and rodent populations to quickly become serious infestations, a skilled professional pest control response is essential. Healthcare and educational facilities are required to meet health codes that guarantee public health and safety. Ensuring a pest free environment can prevent disease and guard the wellness of staff, patients, students and visitors.

Ants • Rats • Mice • Bees • Wasps • Centipedes • Clovermites • Black Widow Spiders • Cockroaches (all types) • Silverfish • Clothes Moths • Carpet Beetles • Tarantulas • Pantry Pests • Fleas • Crickets • Sowbugs • Earwigs • Scorpions • Millipedes • Springtails
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Hydrex will deliver a guaranteed single service for your particular pest problem, or Hydrex will deliver guaranteed regular service to assure continuous management of a wide range of pest concerns.


Our customer service representatives are knowledgeable and will quickly schedule your needed service. Our licensed professional technicians are highly experienced, and will effectively provide you with the best solutions for your pest problems.


Hydrex is your single solution to the widest range of pest problems.

Hydrex Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

Environmentally-sensitive Hydrex IPM applies an in-depth knowledge of target pests to a decision-making strategy combining these practices:

A. Regular inspection and monitoring, recording and reporting, and communication.

B. Preventative activities concerned with conditions that contribute to pest infestations: pest entry, harborage and sources of food and water.

C. When pest control is needed, the highly targeted use of mechanical, non-chemical and Green alternatives.

D. Ongoing communication concerning Pest Management strategies.

E. All work is performed in strict compliance with every applicable standard, practice and regulation.