From the forefront of advances in environmentally-responsible pest control materials technology, Hydrex offers Green Advantage for Home, Business, Industry, Schools, Medical and other Institutional Facilities. Hydrex Advantage is an active, multi-step decision-making service that integrates
Green Strategies and Green Material Technologies to achieve timely, long-term pest management at the lowest impact on our environment.

Green Strategies

We begin with a comprehensive knowledge of the problem pests. Then, these integrated steps are regularly employed:

  1. Careful inspection and monitoring to determine the presence of target pests.
  2. Preventative practices to eliminate sources of food, water and habitat...setting barriers to access.
  3. Maintaining cultural practices such as debris removal and proper watering practices.
  4. Mechanical Controls: Traps, for example.
  5. Communicating to our customer the information from each of these steps.

Green Materials Technologies

When the pest problem requires a pesticide, Green Advantage utilizes EcoSmart's Technologies patented biological pesticides derived from plant oils. Hydrex has selected EcoSmart's products for these very good reasons:

  1. Unique and patented "Mode of Action".
  2. Unprecedented margin of safety. Additionally, these plant oils are regarded as "Generally Recognized As Safe" (GRAS) by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.
  3. Extremely effective against a broad spectrum of insects.


Hydrex Heat

A Proven Chemical-Free Green Alternative to Eradicate Drywood Termites – Guaranteed

Heat utilizes award-winning Thermal Pest Eradication, a patented process approved by the state and federal regulatory agencies for the eradication of wood-destroying pests.

Hydrex Heat is the future of pest control today

  1. Environmentally-Friendly, Clean, 100% effective in any space.
  2. The only non-chemical method approved to treat entire structures.
  3. Versatile in many settings: single family homes, apartments, condominiums, medical & care facilities, offices and industrial complexes.

Why consumers prefer Heat over fumigation:

No chemicals • No moving out • No odor
No roof damage • No harm to pets or plants
No Bagging of Food and Medicine

How Heat works:

Using specially-designed heaters, Hydrex Heat-Trained technicians will deliver heat through Mylar ducts to penetrate to the very core of infested wood. Technicians will raise temperatures to 160°F, no hotter than a sauna, to achieve 130°F wood-core temperatures to ensure that termites and their eggs do not survive. Temperatures are monitored by state-of-the-art digital thermometers to confirm core wood temperatures are at levels lethal to termites.


Winner of the Green Builder Overall Grand Prize, Bora-Care kills drywood termites and provides long-lasting residual effectiveness

  • Bora-Care is formulated with a concern for your family and the environment. Borate, a mineral salt mined from the earth, has extremely low mammalian toxicity and poses minimal risk to people, pets and the environment.
  • Applied directly to the wood, Bora-care penetrates the wood and remains there, providing residual protection.
  • Bora-Care is proven effective to kill and prevent drywood termites and subterranean termites and will kill and prevent algae and wood-decay fungi.
  • Because of its unique mode of action, insects cannot develop a resistance to Bora-Care.
  • Twelve years of intensive studies has proven that Bora-Care prevents termites from consuming wood by simply eliminating wood as a food source.