Pest Control Services

Let us exceed your expectations with always courteous, reliable, and professional service, backed by over 60 years of proven quality.
"First in service, first in value, why trust anyone else?" Call Hydrex now at 1-888-229-9677. Along with the 2 types of home pest control services listed below, we also offer: ‘Greenskeeper Care’ to control Landscape Pests

Pest Management Program

Protected Home Service

Peace of Mind...You can relax. Hydrex exclusive Protected Home Service is the finest choice you can make to keep your home free of the widest range of obnoxious, damaging pests. Our professional Ongoing Pest Management Program controls every one of these pests and more, guaranteed...

Ants • Rats • Mice • Wasps • Centipedes • Clovermites
Black Widow Spiders • Cockroaches (all types) • Silverfish
Clothes Moths • Carpet Beetles • Tarantulas • Pantry Pests • Fleas
Crickets • Sowbugs • Earwigs • Scorpions • Millipedes • Springtails

Inspect, Identify, and Treat

At each service your Hydrex technician carefully searches every avenue of entry:

  • foundations
  • doors
  • first floor windows and eaves
  • patios and porches
  • fence lines
  • planted areas and walkways

Equipped with only fully proven state-of-the-art materials and methods, thorough treatment will reliably maintain effectiveness. And, without inconvenience to you, it is not necessary that you be home for regular service.

PLUS Hydrex Service adds this exceptional value at no added cost... Every Protected Home Service includes:

  1. Sweeping away accessible spider webs from 1st floor
    windows & doors.
  2. Treating many harborage areas of adult mosquitoes.
  3. Eligibility for a free complete termite inspection & discounts
    if work is needed.
Black Widow Spiders
Carpet Beetles & Clothes Moths
Bed Bugs


Greenskeeper Care controls landscape pests such as the following:

Whiteflies • Aphids • Mealybugs • Scale • Gophers • Ground Squirrels • Thrips • Cutworms • Mites and more

To stop damage and preserve the beauty of your landscape Hydrex does it right every step of the way:

1. Hydrex will accurately identify the pest problem damaging your plants.

2. Hydrex will select the right treatment materials, rates & dosages and the right equipment to deliver these materials to the damaging pests.

3. Hydrex professionally trained technicians will perform treatments at the right times and with the right frequency.

4. Hydrex will achieve affordable solutions. Results are assured.